Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai


Are you looking for restaurants in Dubai that specialize in seafood? We have compiled a list of some top options for you to consider.

Casa Samak

Enjoy an authentic seafood restaurant with a view of the Arabian Gulf that can’t be beaten. Casa Samak, the Coral Beach Resort Sharjah seafood restaurant, is right next to the calm sea, which makes for a relaxing seaside atmosphere. Find new, light, and refreshing dishes full of flavor and true to their origins. The Chef’s specialties are on the menu, along with fresh fish and tasty things from the grill. Let yourself unwind entirely in a beachside setting with freshly caught seafood.

The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill

The MAINE is known for its tasty oysters, but it is more than just a coastal brasserie because it also serves fresh fish, steaks, chops, pot roasts, steamers, and a raw bar.

This restaurant is always full, even though it just won “Best Seafood Restaurant” at the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards 2022. It started up in 2015. So popular that people come from all over town to a second location in Dubai’s Studio City.

Seafood lovers will love this place. Fresh fish and salad are what make fish tacos a great starter.

And we’ve been talking about how great the spicy shrimp linguine is in a tomato sauce for a long time. The octopus in a caper-lemon sauce is also delicious, and the salmon cooked on a cedar plank flakes well.

Dampa Seafood Grill

Deira’s Dampa Seafood Grill is modeled by the Filipino custom of gathering around a full table. So, the next time you come here, prepare to get messy while consuming the food with your hands.

Additionally, it’s the best value restaurant in Dubai and one of the top seafood restaurants in the city (as in, number one spot, yo). The seafest dump is as delicious as it sounds; a mountain of fresh shrimp, crab, mussels, and clams is dumped on your table along with endless rice. Along with other seafood lovers, dig in and enjoy the inviting atmosphere.

Calicut Paragon

You can’t go wrong with a meal at Calicut Paragon, one of the best Keralan and seafood restaurants in Dubai. Calicut Paragon serves simple seafood at prices that are easy on the wallet. It’s worth the trip down to Karama because it focuses on coastal South Indian dishes like stews, grills, curries, and clay pots. The food is always the same as it is at the original branch in Kerala. Chefs are also big fans of coconut, which is used in many dishes. In other words, it tastes great.

Lucky Fish

Lucky Fish is a restaurant for people who like to savor their seafood. The menu is full of perfectly shaped plates with a focus on sustainability. The restaurant will open in 2021 with a lot of fanfare. It will work with local fishermen who put fresh seafood on ice daily. Local salads and vegetables will be prioritized, and no plastic will be used. And all of this is set in a unique Mediterranean style with worn whitewashed tables and a wooden-floored terrace – Five golden stars.

Even though it is on the beach, this is one of the best seafood restaurants in town, so people come here dressed up.


Don’t go to Italy’s Amalfi Coast; go to Alici instead. With a great view of the sea, Alici is a great place to try the fruits of the sea. You could almost be on vacation here, but it’s only a short taxi ride from your hotel. It’s an excellent place for a lazy lunch or a date night, with pizzas, pasta, and grills. The brunch is also a must-try, with courses coming out in waves. Enjoy a raw selection of local Dibba Bay oysters, tuna tartare, and fresh seabass.